About the National Fund

What is the National Fund?

An independent governmental entity which sponsors, and finances small and medium enterprises fully owned by Kuwaiti citizens.

What services do we provide?

Financing services, training courses and provision of technical consultancies in all fields for the various projects.

What are the requirements of benefitting from the National Fund's services?

To be a Kuwaiti citizen, of age not less than 21 years, fully dedicated to the project management, and the project capital shall not exceed 500 thousand Kuwaiti dinar.

What is the main goal of the establishment of the national Fund for the national economy?

Creating employment opportunities for the citizens in addition to direct investment in the national economy.

Funding terms and applying procedures

How to apply to obtain finance services?

Online, Through the National Fund's website.

What is the time specified to reply to the entrepreneur?

The Fund evaluates each project separately. The time taken in this process depends on the specificity of each project. The timeline should not exceeds 45 days, except for few projects which may take longer time.

How to follow up the application?

Through the customer service center and the website.

What is the timeline for receiving the funding amount?

It takes a various time depending on the project it self.

What type of projects are approved by the National Fund?

The Fund finances all production, services, commercial, artisan and professional projects, provided they do not contradict with the State laws or the provisions of Islamic Laws, in addition to the conformity of these projects with the environmental obligations, excluding real estate and stock trading projects.

What is the interest percentage on the funding?

There is no interest but there are cost fees paid by the entrepreneurs to the Fund against the services provided to him, calculated by 2% of the funding value which is taken for one time only. The applicants are entitled to obtain the funding in conformity with the Islamic Laws, as per the rules laid down by the board of directors.

What is the offered funding amount?

Funding up to KD 400,000/- and 80% provided the project capital does not exceed KD 500,000/-.

Does my share have to be in cash?

The entrepreneur's share may be in cash or in assets.

On what basis the funding amount payments are determined by the Fund to the entrepreneur?

The funding amount payments are determined by the feasibility study and the project's financial needs.

Am I obliged to return the amount in the event the project incurs losses?


Can the private sector employee apply to the Fund?


Can a student apply to the Fund?

No, because he cannot be dedicated to the project.

Can a retiree apply to the Fund?

Yes, provided he is registered with the Public Institution for Social Securities according to Part Five.

Is there a specific age for the elderly to apply to the Fund?

There is no maximum age for the entrepreneur according to the provision of the law.

What are the basis of evaluation to the submitted projects?

The projects are evaluated based on the proposed action plan and feasibility, field visit to the locations and personal interview.

Does the offered funding conform with the Islamic Laws?


How can the business dedication leave be benefitted from?

The government sector employee is granted – at his request- a dedication leave not exceeding three years. This leave is after the final approval by his employer.

How can the confidentiality of the project’s information and entrepreneur be guaranteed?

The submitted files are handled professionally by approved systems through the NDA system, such as the confidentiality agreement between the entrepreneur and the Fund, and are kept in the custody of authorized personnel.

How are the amounts funding a number of big projects estimated?

The Fund finances projects through the feasibility study submitted to the Fund which is of an economic feasibility.

What is the time specified for replying to the entrepreneur?

The Fund evaluates each project separately. The time taken depends on the specificity of each project. The period ranges between 45 days to three months, except a number of very few projects which may take more than this.

Feasibility study

Do you have approved consultant agencies to make the feasibility study?


Is there an approved form for the feasibility study?

Yes. There is an approved form on the National Fund's website.

Business Partners

Should all the partners be Kuwaiti?


Do all the partners have to be dedicated to the project?


Is it possible that one of the partners is an entrepreneur at any other project can be acceptable by Fund?


Is it possible that one of the partners is a partner in more than one project applying to the Fund?


Is it possible that the contribution of all the partners is by 20% of the project shares?

The minimum contribution of the partners is 20%. However, their contribution may exceed this percentage.

Is there an obligation to employ Kuwaitis?


Lands And Shops

Does the National Fund provide industrial and agricultural lands?

Yes. The Fund provides agricultural and industrial lands to the entrepreneurs as allocated by the concerned authorities and bodies.

Does the National Fund provide commercial shops?


National Directory

What is the National Directory ?

A system for registering small and medium enterprises, which will act as the main reference for the State of Kuwait for small and medium enterprises, to classify them and obtain the advantages provided by the State in terms of priority and a percentage of the tenders offered in the State.

How to benefit from the National Directory ?

By registration through the Fund's website

Is the registration in the National Register is explosive for the projects funded by the Fund?