National Fund Hires 1st Group of Qualified National Staff - Fund gears up for next employment stage

  • Dec. 7, 2015 -

The National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises Development has employed the first group of qualified locals who successfully passed tests and performed well at job interviews.


Mohammad Abdullah, Executive Director of Support Services at the Fund, stated that the organisation aims to attract and recruit qualified youth in line with its vision and goals.


In this context, the newcomers were briefed on Fund’s scope of work and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge that they need to efficiently perform their duties. As beginners, the employees were enrolled in a training programme.


Al Abdullah also stated that the Fund recruited the group, which included experienced people and fresh graduates, in December, 2015, after the organisational structure was approved by the Civil Service. 


He added that the employees were categorised into two groups based on their professional experience. Those with established experience will be appointed to senior posts, while other responsibilities will be handled by the fresh graduates, based on their capabilities and interests. Al Abdullah saw this as one of the Fund’s key steps in preparation for the next employment stage. 


He stressed that the Fund’s vision is focused on building a creative working environment that creates job opportunities for Kuwaitis in the private sector. “By employing the first group of staff, we emphasise our support to creative citizens who deserve support,” he said.    


In conclusion, Al Abdullah affirmed the Funds eagerness to create jobs for qualified Kuwaiti youth and provide a work environment that stimulates creativity and maintains best technical and administrative practices.