National Fund Receives Capital Markets Authorities Interns

  • Feb. 18, 2016 -

In support of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) fresh graduates’ internship program, the National Fund hosted an informative tour for 21 interns to learn about its active role in supporting young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs, as part of the CMA’s internship program. 


The visit aimed to educate the interns on how small and medium enterprises contribute to the development of the national economy by diversifying revenue sources and creating jobs for citizens in line with the Fund’s entrepreneur-centered strategy.


The trainees were joined with Fund officials; Meshari Al Mahmoud, Executive Director of the Technical Sector; Jehad Al Qabandi, Executive Director of Operations; and Mohammad Abdullah, Executive Director of Support Services, who addressed the trainees inquiries in relation to the Fund and the type of support it offers.


The meeting, which was commended by CMA representatives, was part of the Fund’s efforts to promote an entrepreneurship culture, which is seen as the future of the national economy and Kuwaiti people.