Al-Zuhair: The National Fund is in the Process of Signing an Agreement with Kuwaiti Industries Union

  • April 18, 2015 -

The Board Chairman of Kuwait National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises Dr. Mohammed Al- Zuhair revealed that fund is in the process of signing an agreement with Kuwaiti Industries Union, to incubate the initiators industrialists.
Dr. Zuhair stated in a press statement following the conclusion ceremony of the project "The Initiators Factory", which was organized by the Kuwaiti Industries Union, that the agreement includes several topics. Most notably is the rehabilitation and training of industrial initiators. In order to enable them to prepare and write a business plan for their industrial project. 
Dr. Al-Zuhair explained that this agreement is looked upon as the first step of the journey. As it incubates initiators, prior to funding their industrial projects. Dr. Al-Zuhair stressed that the Incubation stage is an essential step; that ought to be provided for the initiators, prior to entering the job market.
Al-Zuhair then added that the laws of the National Fund stipulates that all matters related to SMEs to be included under one umbrella that is The National Fund. Starting from Incubating initiators, rehabilitating initiators; morally, technically, and administratively. As well as providing the necessary funding for these projects.