"Exploring Entrepreneurship" an Intensive Program Specially Constructed for Kuwait National Fund, to Develop the Ideas of Small and Medium Enterprises

  • Dec. 27, 2015 -

Kuwait National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises has announced graduating the first batch of "Exploring Entrepreneurship" program that is specialized in developing any project idea into a project plan that can be implemented in reality. 
The Executive Board Member in Kuwait National Fund for SMEs, Hadeel Al-Shammari has graduated the first batch of the program, and graciously congratulated the attendees and praised their ambitious ideas.

Al-Shammari noted that the Fund's mission is to build an institution that provides a world-class performance level, and strengthening the ability of entrepreneurship in Kuwait. This in return will increase the contribution of small and medium enterprises sector, in supporting the national economy. This program will bring the first steps for entrepreneurs who want to turn their ideas into a successful business ventures.

On his part The Executive Director of National Fund for SMEs, Meshari Al-Mahmoud explained to the attendees the vision of the Fund; which is focused on building a pioneer community that stimulates creativity, and is able to achieve economic developmental opportunities. The Fund also, is keen on achieving the following three objectives: create productive jobs for Kuwaitis in the private sector; increase the participation of small and medium enterprises in the local economy, and to create a favorable environment for the small and medium enterprises.

Al-Mahmoud explained that this interactive program has been prepared in accordance with the best international practices in entrepreneurship, in which it is inspired by the finest global training programs in business entrepreneurship, especially in the United States, such as Business Model Canvas and Operation JumpStart. In an effort to help the entrepreneurs to explore their ideas and turn them into successful business ventures. At least 500 thousand entrepreneurs from around the world have been trained in using the same sources, upon which this program is relied on. 

Al-Mahmoud then elaborated that one of the main objectives of the program that it helps entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a business venture, learn the key success factors of the corporate world, and ensure the attainment of the ideas presented by entrepreneurs. As well as, to establish the commercial business scheme with an executive summary. 

Photo Caption: The Executive Board Member in Kuwait National Fund for SMEs, Hadeel Al-Shammari and The Executive Director of the National Fund Meshari Al Mahmoud.