Kauffman Fast Track Graduation Ceremony

  • Nov. 8, 2016 -


Under the auspices of The National Fund For Small and Medium Enterprise Development, the graduates of the Kauffman Fast Track were celebrated in a graduation ceremony on 11/01/2016 at the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The celebration began with a speech from the Executive Chairman of the National Fund, Dr. Mohammad M. Al-Zuhair. Following this speech, was another speech by Farhan Kalaldeh, CEO of Impact MENA. To end the ceremony, each graduate was called up on stage to collect their certificates.

Dr. Mohammad M. Al-Zuhair said in his speech: “These programs aim to develop the participant’s skills that need to be met by business owners; beginning with personal qualities, moving on to the professional skills, through to the pioneers of successful entrepreneurship in the development of their business models, and according to the international practices in the field of modern business leadership. Moreover, this is a serious and ambitious program that serves as a platform to provide participants with the expertise of their predecessors and those who share their dreams.”

Since the start of the Kauffman training program, there have been 490 applicants, 336 were selected to enter this global program, and 95 of which graduated in the first class.

At the graduation ceremony there were 241 trainee graduates, who represented the second, third, and fourth class of those who have joined the Kauffman Fast Track program.