Al-Zuhair: Economic Census Unites Private Sector Data with Government Authorities

  • July 21, 2015 -

The Board Chairman of Kuwait National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises Dr. Mohammed Al- Zuhair stressed that the Comprehensive Economic Census for Institutions, contributes to the consolidation and integration of the private sector databases to the concerned government authorities.
Al-Zuhair stated in a press statement after a joint meeting between the Fund and the Central Statistical Bureau: “This partnership comes in pursuance of the objectives and policies of the country's five-year plan (2015-2020)” in which this partnership is based on the production of informational map that serves the overall development purposes. As well as, it provides the requirements of the government authorities. 
Al-Zuhair added that the implementations of the Comprehensive Economic Census will be within the framework of the execution of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 285 of 2012; that is regarded with the unification of commercial categories for economic activities in Kuwait. With an intent to make the transition to the International Classification.
In this occasion The Assistant Under-secretary for Statistical Affairs from Central Statistical Bureau Mona Al- Daas stated: “The idea of partnership began nearly four months after it was provided by the Statistical Affair Sector. And it was immediately welcomed by the National Fund; for they acknowledged the importance of establishing an integrated database, to include all the economic institutions in the country.”
Al-Daas then noted that the preparations for the project implementation will begin in October, and it is expected to be completed in June 2016. Al-Daas also indicated that the Uniform Commercial Registry between the main authorities in the country, will contribute in providing comprehensive and accurate data. Moreover, it will help in producing an economical information system that serves the overall development purposes.