MGRP and National Fund Meeting

  • Oct. 26, 2016 -


As part of the ongoing efforts by the National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise Development to give more financial benefits for SME entrepreneurs benefiting from its services, a meeting was held with the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) on Monday 24/10/2016 at the program’s headquarters to discuss the mechanisms of salary payments to full-time private sector SME owners and to coordinate with the program in light of the issuance of the 2016 Civil Service Council decree No. (39) in regards to granting a special leave for full-time entrepreneurs to manage their enterprise and to regulate the pay to the owners of those projects who work in one of the State’s organizations. This meeting comes in support of Kuwaiti youth and to encourage them to work in the private sector to fulfill the goal of developing the national economy.

The meeting was attended by Fawzi Al-Majdali, Secretary General of Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP), Ms. Najat Youssef, Secretary-General’s office manager, Meshari Al-Mahmoud, Executive Director of Technical Sector at the National Fund, and Ahmad Saidi, the legal adviser of the President of the Fund.

The two parties discussed the decree that regulates the granting of a paid leave for a public sector employee at his request and following the approval of the National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise Development for a period not exceeding three years for the purpose of managing an SME enterprise.

Mishari Al-Mahmoud explained that the main framework, which will regulate the payment of salaries to full-time entrepreneurs, had been agreed at the meeting and will be under the management of private sector employees.

Fawzi Al-Majdali said that this support is a new addition to the program goals of encouraging the national workforce to work in non-governmental sectors, and to provide appropriate incentives to attract this workforce to these sectors to evenly distribute and diversify national human resources to different business sectors and to achieve sustainable development.

At the end of the meeting, Al-Majdali stressed that the MGRP program does not have any objection to the payment of monthly salaries to the owners of small and medium enterprises, equivalent to what their counterparts in the qualification and experience get by working in various government jobs, and according to the rules adopted in this regard as long as the National Fund will contact all concerned authorities to transfer the Fund’s responsibility to the MGRP program since the MGRP has all the required mechanisms necessary for such payments.

Al-Mahmoud praised the cooperation of MGRP with the National Fund and stressed that their relationship is an example of how government agencies should cooperate with each other as part of their ongoing and meaningful cooperation to achieve the interests of the nation and its citizens.