Funding Form

You can apply for funding through downloading and filling the following documents:


231.1 KB Document Checklist for Startup Business
170.8 KB Document Checklist for Existing Business
801.0 KB Funding Application
409.1 KB Financial Position Form
100.8 KB Business Plan Template
44.0 KB 3-Year Projection Budget Template
95.1 KB The National Record for SMEs


Please follow the following instructions:

1. Please fill the funding form, print, and sign it.

2. Complete all required documents according to the checklist.

3. Apply in person at the National Fund, Customer Service Center at Mansoria Block 1, Street 13 and submit original documents.


For any comments and inquiries, you may contact us through our email:



Financial and Business Support to Entrepreneurs (start-ups)

The National Fund will offer a package of financial and technical services to entrepreneurs (start-ups), which aims to help turn their ideas into profitable projects. Hubs will provide both incubation and acceleration services to start-ups from targeted sectors, which include coaching, mentorship, training, financing, and workspace following specific programs. The typical duration of a program vary according to the nature of business, and could reach up to three years. An Account Officer will be assigned to follow up on the implementation of each start-up’s program during preparation, incubation, and acceleration phases. Account Officers will coordinate activities between the entrepreneur and the management of the National Fund.

SME Financing (Existing SMEs)

The National Fund will offer SME financing (low-interest loans) to existing SMEs, following eligibility requirements, as follows:
Loans will be structured and co-financed with commercial banks – where possible, following specific eligibility criteria, and subject to the guidelines of the Law and the Executive Regulations. The National Fund will provide 80% of financing at a fee of 2%, and commercial banks will provide 20% of financing following the market rate. Eligible SMEs may self-finance 20% of the project size, and only receive up to 80% of the project size from the National Fund. The program may offer financing of up to KD 500,000 per company. Commercial banks will be responsible for disbursement and collection of loans, and will receive service fees from the National Fund in return.
The first (pilot) SME Financing program was launched with Gulf Bank in February 2015.  The National Fund, in collaboration with Gulf Bank, jointly support SMEs by providing loans to support SMEs’ expansion plans.

Professional Management and Technical Training

The National Fund will offer training services to improve technical and management skills of SME owners and employees. The program will also cater to potential entrepreneurs and start-ups. The National Fund will sub-contract professional training centers to provide the training programs. Training topics, curriculum, and delivery options will be developed following a training needs assessment of targeted group(s). Training topics will broadly include business management, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, human resource management, information technology, strategic management, and entrepreneurship skills. The Hubs will provide specialized training programs to support development of targeted industries.

Business Development Services

The National Fund will offer advisory services to support development of existing SMEs through the Hubs. Account Officers will assist SMEs in diagnosing business development needs, developing terms of reference for required services, and facilitating provision of services through National Funds’ qualified consultants. The National Fund will partially subsidize the costs of advisory services, which includes a wide range of management and professional topics to support business development of SMEs.

Allocation of Lands and Office Space for SMEs

The National Fund will allocate office space for start-ups as part of the Hubs’ offering. At a later stage, the National Fund will allocate lands to projects, through utilizing its own land, or through partnerships with government or private entities.

Facilitation of Market Linkages

The National Fund will deploy its development services in reinforcing market linkages between SMEs and anchor industries in Kuwait (oil and gas, telecom, aviation, and others). The National Fund will also seek to build linkages with export-oriented industries and foreign direct investments. Market linkages (backward) may focus on supplying services and goods to large enterprises, and could also focus on utilizing products of large enterprises as inputs to specialized SMEs activities (forward linkages). On another front, the National Fund is working closely with the Central Tendering Committee (CTC) to ensure integration of its SME portfolio into the government procurement process.

Improving Business Environment for SMEs

Policy and the regulatory framework play a critical role in shaping the SME business environment.  The National Fund will support business environment reform, starting with establishment of a one-stop shop (OSS) for business registration of SME clients. The National Fund will also work in tandem with other government entities to create business-friendly policy and regulatory frameworks (to address government procedures that hinder the growth of small businesses). To aid in the reform process, the National Fund created a “business environment improvement” committee with relevant public entities to provide a venue for public-private dialogue.

Development of Entrepreneurial Culture

The National Fund works with Wamda, an entity that aims to accelerate entrepreneurship ecosystems across MENA, to build an interactive online platform to inspire and empower Kuwaiti entrepreneurs and expose them to potential investors, partners, and employees. The platform will celebrate success and failure stories from Kuwait, as well as share tips and insights, trends, and resources. The platform will serve as the virtual go-to reference for the entrepreneurship community in Kuwait. The National Fund will also work with Wamda on organizing community-building events to facilitate effective connections between entrepreneurs and ecosystem agents (e.g. investors, mentors, experts, potential partners or customers, etc.). Some events will focus on targeted sectors to maximize benefit to entrepreneurs.